Hiking in Malibu: Charmlee Wilderness Park


2014-03-30 10.38.53

To escape the longest winter known to man (or at least, what felt like the longest snowy season in Boston), Gaurav and I took a quick trip out to LA in March for some fun, fresh air and boat load of scary high way driving.

Though we were staying in downtown LA, we focused our sites on fun far from the heart of the skyscrapers. On our first morning in town, we took a Zipcar out to Malibu to hike Charmlee Wilderness Park.

Charmlee is about a 3 mile hike with amazing views of the Malibu coast. It’s a simple hike with low elevation, clear markers, and several trail options. You can dedicate about 2 hours to this hike and feel like you’ve covered it all. We arrived by 9:30 am on a Sunday morning and were one of just three car in the parking lot. Amazing, peaceful destination if you’re an early bird — jet lag helps!  (Directions to Charmlee Wilderness Park)

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