Busan, Korea: An Afternoon at Taejongdae


Though this post is coming about a year after we visited Korea, while I’m on this travel blogging kick I wanted to share some of highlights from that amazing trip.

Taejongdae Resort Park is a natural park along the coast of Busan, and without a doubt my favorite part of Korea (though, when you’re only there for a week you’re pretty limited in what you’ll see!). I added this stop to our travel itinerary simply because every time I googled Busan, a version of this image appeared:


That seemed pretty enough to be worth a special trip!

We zipped over to Taejongdae via cab Nampo Dong, a district in Busan known for its theaters. Cabs in Busan were cheap enough to make this almost 20 minute journey affordable and easy. If you’re not up for a cab, you can take a bus — but buses confuse me even in Boston, so no way was I getting on one in Korea.

The views from Taejongdae were spectacular! And they say on a day you can see a Japanese Island called Daema Island (Tsushima Island). Not sure if that’s in the background of any of my photos, but it’s something to watch out for if you go!



At Pebble Beach, one of the first stops around the island (which you can get around via a tiny, colorful train, by the way) is Pebble Beach. The waves along the shore made such a beautiful sound as they pulled the pebbles out toward the water. The video doesn’t do it complete justice.

That rock sculpture behind me is known as Tea Kettle Island.



We were fortunate the summer weather was so perfect for our stroll around Taejongdae, but I imagine it’s still just as pretty in other seasons.

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