Rome Day 3 – Vatican City



… It’s about time. I haven’t been back in the US for nearly a month or anything.

Back to what’s important, the Vatican.

For whatever reason, Pattie and I planned this day in Vatican City pretty poorly. It turns out they (they being official Catholic people whose names, titles and such escape me) were bringing the remains of Pope John Paul II into the cathedral for his beatification the following day. So, unfortunately we were not able to visit the inside of the church. BUT we did get to spend a lot of time in the Vatican Museums – home of the Sistine Chapel.

Pictures inside the Sisten Chapel were taboo, but I did manage to sneak this very blurry photo of The Creation of Adam:

Aside from the Sistine Chapel, the museums were filled with tons of other breathtaking artwork.

The School of Athens

After a day in Vatican City, Pattie and I walked to the Trevi Fountain area where we enjoyed our last Italian meal and some gelato. Arrivederci!

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