Rome Day 1


Brace yourself for Colosseum overload. I walked by and/or visited the Colosseum every day in Rome, so the next few posts will be filled with my pictures of this ancient Roman landmark.

Our hotel was luckily only a ten minute walk from the Colosseum, so every morning Pattie and I began our day with a stroll past this breathtaking structure.

Hey there, Colosseum.

What's so weird about the Colosseum is that it's smack in the middle of the city. It's surrounded by busy roads on all sides.

We had no set agenda when we arrived in Rome because we weren’t sure what time we would be free. But we decided to set off from the Colosseum and see what other landmarks we could find before dinnertime.

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II, but the Italians have nicknamed it "The Wedding Cake" because it's big and white and they don't particularly like it.

Arc de Constantin

Night view!

Here’s a fun Italian way of crossing the street: install a crosswalk but do not put in any traffic lights. Instead, let the pedestrians take their own lives in their hands as they cross four lanes of never-ending traffic. Maybe this is my middle-aged woman self emerging – but shouldn’t there be some sort of signal of when to cross the street? We just had to decide which car to step out in front of and hope it – and the next three cars – would follow suit. But don’t worry, we made it out alive and even made it to our second day in Rome…

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