Bologna and the Nutelleria


Hallelujah! I officially checked a life goal off my list in Italy.

Visit the Nutelleria. CHECK!

The Nutelleria in Bologna is one of only two in the entire world (the other is in Frankfurt) and obviously I needed to go there when I was in Florence – it’s only 40 minutes away by train!

Pattie and I were silly and went to Bologna without a map and instead only had directions from the train station to the Nutelleria. My Nutella-trained nose led us to the right place where we marveled at the hazelnut-chocolate filled menu. Sadly, there was no sign marking this spot as an official Nutelleria, but the signs on the wall made it obvious.

Nutella nutella nutella!!!

So what’s on the menu at the Nutelleria? Baguettes, croissants, ice cream, corn flakes, crepes and pizza all with nutella, of course. Corn flakes? Yeah, that one through me for a loop as well. I ordered a crepe and Pattie had a baguette. Sadly, the workers at the Nutelleria were a little less than jolly. They serve happiness  on a plate every single day, yet they can’t be bothered to offer a smile. Oh well, my smile was big enough for all of us.

Guys, it's the Nutelleria!

My crepe. Ohhhhyum!

Close up

Eating my Nutelleria nutella crepe. I'm just a little obsessed.

See ya later, Nutelleria!

And then in our hotel room a couple of days later in Rome I found a huge box filled with tiny Nutella packets in the cupboard. Pure bliss.

But… after the Nutelleria, what does one do in Bologna without a map? Visit the Medieval Museum, obviously! I’ll be frank, we only went inside this museum because we realized its brochure came with a free, albeit pathetic, map of Bologna and we needed something to navigate ourselves. What we didn’t anticipate was the hilarious story we got in return.

And so it begins...

Let me walk you through the funny series of events:

First, we buy our tickets from Woman #1. She acknowledges that we are museum patrons and hands us our maps. Alright, so we breeze through the first couple of rooms, because really – who spends more than half an hour in a museum dedicated to medieval history in Bologna?

Look - a medieval donut holder.

When we reached the second half of the ground floor a stocky man with greasy hair pulled into a messy bun asked for our tickets. Really? We’re the only ones here and you need to see our tickets? But fine, we show him our tickets and he ushers us on… and then he follows us.

There are really only a couple of reasons to explain why Grease Bun followed: he was really bored, thought we looked like thieves or is really overprotective of his medieval collection. I would be more inclined to think it was appropriate for him to follow us had we look threatening or the rooms lacked cameras. But because Pattie and I are an unobtrusive duo and every room had at least one camera, I’m left baffled. Not only did he follow us through every room on the ground floor and into the basement, as our tour went farther, he had less regard for the distance he put between us. At one point, I almost backed into him. Clearly, a secret agent he is not.

After we lost our stalker at the elevator on our way to the second floor, we were greeted by Woman #2 asking for our tickets. Okay now, this might be overkill. Nope, nope it gets better. We walked through about five rooms before we came to another opening where Women #3 asked for our tickets. WHAT THE HECK GUYS! We are obviously patrons of your museum – how else do you think we got in here if we didn’t have tickets? Clearly, there is nothing of any great importance here we are looking to steal so just leave us alone!

And so ended our time at the Medieval Museum.

Pattie was super thrilled to visit the Medieval Museum! We might even make a special trip back to Bologna for this!

After our outing to the Medieval Museum, we finally had the coveted map in our possession and it brought us to Bologna’s highlights.

Leaning towers of Bologna.

Mmmmmm pasta

Lots of covered sidewalks.

Pensive Pattie overlooks Bolonga and and recounts her day.

4 thoughts on “Bologna and the Nutelleria

  1. Tara

    THEY ARE CRAZY WITH THE FREE TICKETS IN THAT MUSEUM. Rachel and I wondered the same thing…granted, it was high season while we were there, so there were at least 3 other museum-goers in the place…

  2. Cecile

    I don’t know if the link will work but this is what I Google mapped: “nutelleria loc: Viale Pietro Pietramellara, 22, 40121 Bologna, Italy (Stazione di Bologna Centrale)”


    • Hey Cecile!

      I actually found 45 Via Indipendenza, Bologna as the address. (See:

      The Nutelleria isn’t marked anymore, it seems to be part of the hotel or restaurant in the same building. But you can see from my photos that once you get close, it’s obvious to tell that it’s the Nutelleria.

      You can walk up Via Indipendenza from the train station. The walk took about 10-15 minutes. The Nutellaria is on the left side of the street near a restaurant with patio seating and awnings. When you get to 45 Indipendenza ask someone on the street if you can’t find it – they all seem to know of it even though it isn’t marked.

      Hope you have fun on your trip, fellow Nutella fan! 🙂

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